The Rise of Cozy, Versatile Baggy Jeans


Saanvi Tatipalli

The return of a major fashion trend. Nowadays, baggy jeans can be found in almost all walks of life. The fashion industry has pushed this trend to the forefront of 2021’s winter.

Tisha Kaur and Saanvi Tatipalli

As winter settles in, the fashion industry is stirring with new trends, with an emphasis on cozy yet fashionable outfits.  One trend currently experiencing a renewal of its Fashion Cycle is the wide-leg jeans trend, more commonly known as baggy jeans

Jeans have been a fashion staple for a long time, and over the decades they’ve come in many shapes and sizes. From boxy to boot-cut to ripped from the past, the jeans trend is now shifting to a looser fitting version.  You can see many variations of this trend reflected on the student body at South Forsyth High School.

So where do students get these jeans? Many have said that they bought their pair from Garage, a trendy clothing store for teens. Additionally, many students have found their baggy jeans from other stores such as Target and Hollister.

Freshman Coleman Burch claims that he got his baggy jeans from a club sale in Alabama. These kinds of jeans can be found anywhere, but there’s more to why they are gaining such popularity: apart from their cute style, this style of jeans also fit comfortably.

Sophomore Luana Pompei says, “I feel comfortable in them. They aren’t like skinny jeans where I feel restricted and can’t sit correctly.”

Alongside attending school, many students also have a job. Therefore, baggy jeans allow them to move freely while still looking ready for the workday. Many also claim that it’s difficult to find jeans that properly fit their bodies, but with baggy jeans, they can go about their day-to-day tasks feeling good about themselves.

The flexibility of baggy jeans’ fit and the personalization of this cozy style also play a prime role in why they are so favored among teens. Pairing them with loose shirts, tighter shirts, and jackets can all help to complete the look.

Here are a few examples of South students showing off their denim!