SFHS Students Speak on Their Favorite Adam Silvera Novels


Maggie Craig

The Collection’s Barnes & Noble LGBTQ+ section. This large section within the bookstore features LGBTQ+ love stories. These books brough together the LGBTQ+ community in Forsyth and helped many LGBTQ+ students discover their identities.

Carlos Nuñez, staff writer

In the past few years, LGBTQ+ author Adam Silvera found acclaim for his books depicting LGBTQ+ romance. Silvera’s 2019 young adult novel  They Both Die at the End recently blew up on TikTok, propelling the rest of his novels into the spotlight. Readers appreciate Silvera’s work as it shines a light on LGBTQ+ youth and paves the way for more diverse representation in young adult literature.

Silvera’s widely anticipated upcoming novel, The First to Die at the End, is scheduled for release on Oct. 4 of this year.  To start the celebration early, the BirdFeed asked the following South Forsyth High School students about their favorite Adam Silvera works.

South’s Favorite Silveras

Freshman Karen Flores Saucedo said that her favorite book by Silvera is They Both Die at the End. She said, “Originally I didn’t wanna read it since the ending was on the cover, but as I continued reading, I formed an indescribable emotional bond with the characters and completely forgot about their inevitable death. Something I absolutely love about Adam Silvera is the way he uses imagery; I almost felt as if I was in the book itself. ”

Additionally, Freshman Advika Ganapathy Subramanian said, “I think my favorite book written by Adam Silvera would be More Happy than Not. A big reason would be because of the aspect of memory that is spoken of in the novel and how it doesn’t shy away from showcasing horrible things people say, because in reality people do say those things and it’s important to shine a light on it.”  

South senior Yoselin Moreno said, “My favorite book Adam Silvera has written is What if it’s Us–specifically because of the ending. It ends in a way where you’re rooting for the two boys but also gives you closure about their relationship. With his new book out, I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see where their relationship goes.” 

Janae Castro, an SFHS freshman, said her favorite book was also They Both Die at The End.  “This book shook me to the core,” Castro said. “I cried, I laughed, I got upset all with the characters in this book. I’m not quite finished but I can’t wait to finish the book and see where Rufus and Mateo’s relationship goes.”

The gallery shows some of Silvera’s best works, as well as a short summary of each.