The Eternal Clock


Tisha Kaur

Time. Time is a blessing. When used right, it’s the best tool.

Tisha Kaur, Sci & Tech Editor


Such a magical, fleeting thing

When I was younger, I had too much of it

“I’m bored,” I’d say


Now I’m a bit older

and sometimes I wish I could go back

to when time would never fly

never fly away fast


A precious gem

one if you lose, its gone forever

so treat it well and turn the tide


Wake up and go outside

Use the gem, and use it well

Go on adventures, create yourself

Find your people, laugh

Wake up now, before it’s too late


Time is a miracle, a gift meant to appreciate

There is more than enough, plentiful and eternal

If you use it well, and live an amazing life

Then you have grown rich and wealthy 

And what’s not to like