SOFO Sounds: SFHS students share their favorite jams


Maggie Craig

Jamming out on campus. Sophomore Aayush Pawar listens to his music during lunch. He appreciated how South allows students to bring their tunes wherever they go.

Shivani Murugapiran, Staff Writer

All around campus, students have their headphones in, taking a breather from the stresses of life. Music supports us as we traverse the day and encounter moments of both happiness and anxiety. In fact, South Forsyth High School understands the importance of music in students’ lives, so the school plays songs over the intercom every Friday as people transition from class to class.

Students shared their favorites of today’s music in terms of genre, artist, and streaming service. Here’s South’s verdict on the latest jams:

Used with permission from Anna Schukowski

Anna Schukowski, Senior

Genre: Pop

Artists: “I have seen both Shawn Mendes and Billie Eilish live and it was such an amazing experience because their music is just so good. Ariana Grande is probably my favorite at the moment though because her music is just so fun to listen to and sing along!”

Streaming: YouTube Music and Spotify

“My top albums at the moment are ‘Happier than Ever’ by Billie Eilish and ‘Planet HER’ by Doja Cat. I also love listening to throwback songs though so anything 2000s pop or R&B is great too!”


Used with permission from Anish Kanchanapally

Anish Kanchanapally, Senior

Genre: R&B

Artists: “Kanye, Brent Faiyaz and Tyler the Creator are my favorite artists because all their songs have this vibe to them that’s like calming and there’s a meaning behind every lyric.”

Streaming: Spotify

“My favorite songs are ‘Jai Ho,’ ‘Skeletons (by Travis),’ ‘Use This Gospel (by Kanye),’ [and] ‘See You Again (by Tyler)’ because these songs all remind me of good periods in my life.”


Used with permission from Archita Manasvi

Archita Manasvi, Junior

Genre: Pop

Artist: “Shawn Mendes is my favorite artist because his music is suitable for different moods and feelings.”

Streaming: Spotify

“My top albums would be ‘Reputation,’ ‘Starboy,’ ‘After Hours’ and ‘Planet Her.’ Most of the songs in the albums were masterpieces and perfect!”




Photo taken by: Sayna Kaushik

Alex Haraldson, junior

Genre: Cinematic Music

Artist: Harry Gregson Williams

Streaming: Spotify

“The ‘Narnia’ opening title is a magical yet accessible piece that opens up your mind to the world of possibility. It is because of music like this that I continue to be a musician and create.”



Used with permission from Kamira Colinet

Kamira Colinet, sophomore

Genre: Pop

Artist: “Alec Benjamin – his music is very real and he tells his stories through his music”

Streaming: Spotify

“My favorite songs are ‘I’m Not Ready To Get Older’ by Alec Benjamin, ‘Afterglow’ by Taylor Swift, and ‘In My Mind’ by Lyn Lapid. To have fun – ‘Island in the Sun’ by Weezer and ‘Let’s Groove’ by Earth, Wind and Fire. Those are just vibe-y, go with the flow sorta songs.”



Photo taken by: Sayna Kaushik

Evan Barnheart, sophomore

Genre: Rap

Artist: “Juice WRLD is my favorite artist because his music can be diverse in a sense where some are calming and some are loud and fast-moving.”

Streaming: Spotify

“‘Goodbye and Good Riddance’ by Juice Wrld is my favorite album because it’s what got me into the rap genre and is what I still listen to today.”


Used with permission from Elizabeth Meade

Elizabeth Meade, freshman

Genre: Indie/ Folk Music

Artist: “Relient K – they have really chill music”

Streaming: Spotify

“My favorite song is probably ‘The Sadie Hawkins Dance,’ it is just a really vibe-y song. Indie music has a great beat and makes me have a lot of energy, so the beat is probably my favorite part.”




Used with permission from Sai Sadhu

Sai Sadhu, freshman

Genre: Pop

Artist: Ariana Grande

Streaming: Spotify

“My favorite songs are ‘thank u, next,’ ‘Breathin,’ and ‘Save your tears.’ My favorite album is ‘thank u next.’ Ariana’s voice is so angelic and so touching that it can quickly wash away all your worries with just a beat. I can’t count the number of times I relied on Ariana to be my therapist and help me through some of the worst times in my life.”