This remake bibbidi bobbidi butchered Cinderella

Cinderella 2021


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Cinderella, this classic story has had many adaptations and modernized retellings. However none have seem to have gotten the backlash this story has gotten.

Carlos Nunez, staff writer

Cinderella has had a variety of adaptations due to its popularity. On September 3rd, Amazon prime announced a jukebox musical retelling of the classic story, featuring popstar Camila Cabello as Cinderella and Broadway star Idina Menzel as the Evil Stepmother, alongside other well-known actors such as Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter and Pierce Brosnan.

A classic retelling of Cinderella is what audiences expected, but they were surprised when writer/director Kay Cannon gave the story a “twist.”

VIdeo used with permission from Amazon Prime Video under fair use

This story remake begins with Ella (otherwise known as Cinderella) who is portrayed by Camila Cabello, a young maiden who has big dreams of becoming a designer; however, due to the kingdom’s outdated and sexist laws, women aren’t allowed to own shops.

We then panel over to Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine) who seems to be having trouble finding a wife, but once he sets his eyes on Ella, he falls in love. His father plans a ball for his son in order to find a suitable partner, but prince Charming convinces his father to allow every girl in the kingdom to attend in order to see Ella again. 

After the godmother bibbidi bobbidi boos Ella, she runs off to the ball where she meets a queen named Tatiana who offers her a position to be her royal designer. An ecstatic Ella is about to accept the queen’s offer but when she tells the prince, he simultaneously asks her to marry him.

Differing from other Cinderella classics, Ella rejects the prince’s offer. The clock strikes 12:00, and she runs away, iconically leaving her shoe behind. Audiences will have to watch the film to find out where the revamped story goes from there.

Reading the plot might make Amazon’s Cinderella feel like a fun movie, however, it still received an abundance of hate.

When Billy Porter made an appearance as an openly queer and gender-less “fairy,” people did not know how to feel. Representation is great but when the writer claims to have had Porter in mind as he wrote the godmother’s lines, they can be interpreted as stereotypical and problematic.

The controversy surrounding pop star Camila Cabello also didn’t help the movie’s reputation and left both longtime and new Cinderella fans furious. In fact, many Disney fanatics took to social media in order to express their outage.

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Ultimately considering the problematic casting choices and funny commentary it’s an interesting watch and recommended if you’re bored. However, if  you’re watching for a classic retelling of Cinderella I recommend you turn elsewhere.