New Spider-Man Trailer Swings onto Screens

A poster for the upcoming 2021 film Marvels Spiderman: No Way Home

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Ready to swing into the theater. Marvel releases the first teaser to Spider-Man: No Way Home. All Marvel fans are excited for the movie.

Kate Geiger, Columns Editor

On August 23rd, Marvel fans all over the world squealed when they saw the famous faces of Zendaya and Tom Holland charting number 1 on the YouTube trending page. Sony Pictures Entertainment, in partnership with Marvel Studios, released an official teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. This was our first taste of the upcoming film set to premiere on December 17 of this year.

The teaser shows the return of our favorite franchise characters–Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, Zendaya’s Michelle Jones, and Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds– attempting to move on from the events of the last film. Most notably, we see Peter dealing with the fallout of Mysterio revealing his identity in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

Video used from Sony Pictures Entertainment under fair use. Secret revealed. Tom Holland's Spider-Man faces the repercussions after his identity is exposed to the entire world. The teaser revealed Peter Parker reaching out to Dr. Strange to solve his problem.

Based on the trailer, everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man is so desperate to reclaim his privacy that he seeks the help of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange. The magician appears willing to help Peter, despite the words of warning from sorcerer Wong: “Strange, don’t cast that spell. It’s too dangerous.”

This ominous message later comes to fruition as Strange appears to struggle as he casts the spell, and blazing colors streak across the screen after Peter “tampers with the spell”. 

The teaser transitions into a warped world as Spider-Man and Dr. Strange fall from the sky, while Dr. Strange’s voice can be heard saying: “The multiverse is a concept of which we know frighteningly little.”

As the teaser came to an end, we caught our first glimpse of Alfred Molina’s Doc Oc—the cybernetically enhanced super-villain from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 2. 

Because Molina came to reprise his role, the hottest theory surrounding the movie is that the other Spider-Mans (Tobey Maguire from the 2002 Spider-Man franchise and Andrew Garfield from the 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man franchise) will make an appearance in this movie, uniting the three renditions of the superhero. Another piece of evidence that fans use to support the theory is that Sony has the rights to the character of Spider-Man, and they did post the teaser trailer onto their official YouTube account.

Because it is a Marvel movie, there are plenty more theories that are circulating amongst the fan base. For example, fans believe that there’s a “variant,” another version of a person from a different timeline as introduced in the show Loki, posing as Dr. Strange. 

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Marvel fans can’t wait to see the movie in theaters on December 17.