The suburbs

Maggie Craig ⋅ April 22nd, 2021

Maggie Craig, Editor-In-Chief

Many suburban children have dreams of making it big

Of leaving our slow suburban town. To get away from the white fences

With their shiny faces and high school diplomas in hand

The shiny suburban children try to make a living in the City


They move to the City with their ambitions on their sleeves

They shout their endeavors to every person on the street

“You’ll see my name in lights one day, just you wait” 

The shiny suburban children hope to change the world; I laugh


But the only lights they see are the red lights at 9 o’clock 

As they bustle to the City with white collars and pencil skirts 

With their pale faces and bloodshot eyes from wasting away throughout the night

The shiny suburban children melt into the monochrome flood of the City


They lack the luster, they lack the goals they once had long ago

They receive commands instead of commanding that their voices be heard

They return to the suburbs where the town is slow

And they find another shiny suburban child to have their own