Remembering 6 Dogs through his posthumous album “RONALD.”


Autumn Amick

Chase (6 Dogs) out in nature wearing “Spread Love.” Chase is most known for his single “Faygo Dreams” and just recently released his posthumous album “RONALD.” Chase’s mission was to spread positivity and love through music.

Brooke Eldridge, Opinions and Arts and Entertainment Editor

When the news hit that underground artist Chase Amick, more known by his rapper name 6 Dogs, passed on January 25, it was devastating for thousands of people, including myself. Chase was my cousin, so I’m able to connect to him differently than others who didn’t know him personally. Through this tragedy, his friends, family and supporters all relished his memory through his music, his impactful actions, and the love he wanted to spread to others.

In the event of his unexpected passing, Chase had multiple musical projects he worked incredibly hard on that were, unfortunately, never released. However, his family made it their mission to continue Chase’s legacy by following through with what he would have wanted: the world to hear him, to understand him, and to heal with him. So when it was announced that 6 Dog’s final album, ‘RONALD.’, would be released on March 15, fans were beyond ecstatic to listen to his new music.

‘RONALD.’, which is Chase’s legal first name, was originally supposed to be titled Wavebuilder’s Club and had been set to release on February 26, but was pushed back to March 15 because of his sudden death. ‘RONALD.’ features roaring production from Daniel Hartzog, David Morse, Glasear, Popstar Benny, and Woods. With a total of 12 tracks being just under forty minutes in total, Chase’s desire to spread positivity is shown through the clean lyrics (with the exception of one line) and head-bumping melodies. ‘RONALD.’ also promotes artists Riz La Vie (Beach House and Post Malone) and Tahj Keeton (Interstellar and Indigo Daydream) whose diverse voices make the album that much better.

Chase’s whole mission with music was to give other people the opportunity to relate to the struggles he’s gone through and have an outlet to express themselves, and ‘RONALD.’ perfectly captures his vision. His posthumous album shows just how much potential Chase had and the impact his music had on his listeners. Through his music, we got to see Chase’s emotional intelligence and unique perspectives that give a window into who Chase was as a person. With this final send-off album, Chase exceeded expectations and gave closure to those who miss him dearly.