Shani Lam · March 15th, 2021

Shani Lam, Contributing Poet

Sunlight beamed through the trees, shined onto the damp soil,
touching green sprouts in the Rocky Mountains,
nurturing ears of wheat in the Great Plains,
spreading lives to greens through the Grand Canyon, and
shining between coniferous trees in the Appalachian Mountains.

From our founders who planted seeds on the land that was not theirs
to the people nurturing the land called America.
People participated in the war and fought for their freedom,
laid the railroad tracks for trains, picked the cotton for their survival,
forced out of their land to march towards not home.
One by one leaf appears as the country overcomes these barriers.

The city is alive at 5 am, bustling with people waiting for bus stops,
moving inch by inch behind each car,
watching and listening to the latest news and podcast, and
sipping on iced Americano from Starbucks.

Someone is leveling the cement for the sidewalk,
constructing foundation structures for highways and bridges,
cleaning school offices and bathrooms,
suffering from temporary lockdowns for the pandemic.

Someone is typing on the keyboard for the upcoming deadline of a project,
jogging and listening to the music in the park,
saving another person’s life in the blink of an emergency,
organizing files and documents for a company.

Passing by trails of dandelions and flowers,
waiting to be watered when needed,
bathing in the warmth of the sun,
enjoying the humidity and wind from time to time.
Received love and care from the surroundings.
The young seedlings grew into fresh blossoms,
we know what had occurred and grew from the past.

For now, we will be the sun, the rain, the wind,
and the humidity for the future of the land,
building a place for generations to prosper.
We can hold our hands together to remember and
truly believe in our differences to nurture this country.