So you want to be born

Naisha Roy – March 3rd, 2021

Naisha Roy, Copy Editor

Hear the author read their poem!

So you want to be born?

Well I’m afraid you have some paperwork to fill out and a few things to learn

You won’t want to skip over our terms and conditions

As we don’t take too kindly to unauthorized returns


I’ll need you to sign this nondisclosure

To never tell anyone how you really feel

It irks the adults, you see

And they’re more important; it’s all part of the deal


And the moment you turn eighteen

sign away all your money for a chance at success

It’s all in clause six hundred and seventy-eight

What’s that? You haven’t gotten there yet?


Dear me, you seem to have a scar!

Well the world isn’t too happy about imperfections

I don’t think you’ll get access to all our services

Those are all for the people with flawless complexions


You’re a woman too, I see

Just know what this entails-

Second fiddle, one step behind, the bearer of unwanted attention-

But I suppose you have the power to blaze trails


You’re entering something called “society”

Starting out by being stuck in a rut

And if you exhaust yourself until your sweat starts condensing

Maybe -just maybe- you’ll move half a rung up


I see you’re perusing other options

Born into wealth, the superior race

But those are only for the premium members

Not for people who have that kind of a face


You’ll think about it, you say?

You really must raise your voice

So you want to be born

That’s a rather interesting choice