How I stay busy during the extended break


Photo used with permission from Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Staycation during the pandemic. During quarantine, many people feel “cooped up” and long for more activity in life. Many families are also learning to overcome different dynamics with the whole family at home for an extended period of time.

Grace Drawdy, Editor-in-Chief

Given the unforeseen circumstances the world is experiencing right now, it can be very hard to find things to do while at home. While the extended school closure across the nation and the implementation of “social distancing” came as a shock to me and many students all over the US, we are working to keep ourselves busy. This break can be a time to learn some new hobbies and interests during your stay at home. Here are some of the hobbies and things I have picked up during this break, and they have been great ways to help me feel accomplished and have a sense of purpose in my life, even if it’s not the normal routine I’m accustomed to.


While staying at home is hard, and the change came unexpectedly, we can still find little pieces of happiness and positivity in this chaotic time. There are still ways we can make the best of it and find ways to keep a positive mindset. While the changes made are not permanent, keeping active and creative can keep some normalcy and comfort in such a crazy time. To keep happy and emotionally stable in this time of uncertainty, it is important to find activities to be involved in that make you feel valued and bring about happiness during this time of uncertainty.