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Sofopalooza shenanigans. Rising freshmen Matt Craig, Caleb Singh, and Tamsen Hayden relax on a bench in the plaza after a long day filled with smiles and laughter. They cannot wait to become a South Forsyth War Eagle in the 2020-2021 school year.

South Forsyth’s annual Sofopalooza welcomes the rising freshmen

April 16, 2020

On Saturday morning, the South Forsyth High School campus buzzed with teachers and student volunteers dressed in tie-dye uniforms as they prepared the school for Sofopalooza, an event to introduce the many clubs at SFHS to the rising freshmen. The Sofopalooza sta...

Sports are worldwide. Sports have a large impact on society in every part of the world. The attitudes, actions, and outlook of professional athletes broadcasted on tv play a large role in how high school athletes view themselves and act in class.

Coach’s Corner: How do professional athletes influence high school athletes?

December 11, 2019

Fanatics all over the world pass down the love of sports teams to the generations below them; it brings families together or places walls at the dinner table. Fans spend millions of dollars a year on jerseys, tickets to games, and other paraphernalia. The m...

Celebrating a win. Varsity team enjoys another win and celebrates with the team. The 2019 Varsity team worked hard throughout the season which was shown through their wins.

2019 Varsity Volleyball season wraps up

October 22, 2019

South’s varsity volleyball closed its 2019 season after finishing in the first round of state championships October 19th at Brookwood High School. Their season contained ups and downs with a 16-16 record. Although athletic ability is a defining factor in...

South Strong. Near War Eagle Stadium a sign encourages school spirt. A sense of pride sets over the students of South Forsyth every time they walk by the sign during home games.

Ending the fall sports season victorious

November 30, 2018

Girls tumble through the gym, performing their best moves in front of the watchful eyes of the judges. Boys race along the trail, imagining the moment they will be announced champions. The ball soars to the shortstop, with intricate footwork she moves...

Quick break. During a game, the team poses for a quick photo after a well-deserved victory. The team had a great season this year, advancing in the state tournament, and beating even the toughest competitors.

Mapping the varsity volleyball season

November 26, 2018

The Varsity Volleyball team impressed many this year, making it to the second round of state competitions, and fighting a tough game throughout the season. Regardless of where they go, they play incredibly well, raising the bar for Volleyball teams across...

South Forsyth's Varsity Volleyball team constantly works to improve their coordination and embrace a positive environment. This excellent teamwork has helped them score wins in many games so far.

Varsity Volleyball to begin State Championship this week

October 17, 2018

This week is filled with anticipation for the Varsity Volleyball team. Persevering through the season so far, the team has placed 2nd in the region on Monday, October 15th, beating West Forsyth High School (3-0), but eventually lost after a difficult...

The JV Volleyball takes a group picture during the tournament. The players have been preparing for tournaments since December, and were able to show their hard work at The First Lady's Challenge.

Volleyball team spikes the competition

March 2, 2018

While most students were reclining in their couches and enjoying the long weekend, the Prolink Volleyball team was strapping on their sneakers. The team faced other groups in the state including A5, GA5, Sunami, and NAVC in a tournament that lasted from...

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