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Naisha Roy
Naisha Roy is a freshman at SFHS, and beyond excited to start off her first year as a writer for The BirdFeed. You can see her going through the hallways with a smile on her face, enjoying school and always willing to lend a helping hand to those struggling with homework. Her sarcasm being her trademark to all who know her, she loves a good riddle or puzzle to challenge her mind. She also loves painting and shading, although they certainly aren’t her calling. Her dream college is Columbia University. Whenever she isn’t at school, she’s at home usually cuddled up with a good book - some of her favorites are the thrilling mysteries by Dan Brown- or writing poetry. She’s also a huge Potterhead, part of Ravenclaw, and extreme fangirl of Hermione Granger. She probably most relates to Chandler from Friends, which is one of her favorite shows. She considers herself a total nerd and Taco Bell enthusiast. You can email her at [email protected].

Naisha Roy, Staff Writer

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