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Movies and Music

Pixars Turning Red. In this 2022 film, Meilin Lee transforms into a red panda whenever she experiences any strong emotions. Through her panda form, Mei learned how to adopt her own personality apart from her mothers standards and strictures.

Pressures, Parenting and Pandas: Let’s Talk about Pixar’s “Turning Red”

Maggie Craig, Associate Editor March 25, 2022

(*The following review contains potential spoilers for the Disney-Pixar film Turning Red.) Pixar’s newest release, Turning Red, first premiered in theatres worldwide on March 1st and made its debut...

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Eternals saved Earth. On November 5, 2021, Marvel releases a new movie, Eternals. The new movie hasnt delivered to Marvels usual high standard.

Marvel’s Newest Movie, Eternals, Fails to Deliver Everlasting Enjoyment

Tisha Kaur, Staff Writer December 13, 2021

On November 5, 2021, Marvel Studios released its newest movie, Eternals, which opened with a sweeping 71 million dollars and featured many familiar faces such as Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden.   Eternals...

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Arrakis. Dune, otherwise known as Arrakis, is a planet far into the galaxy home to the Fremen, rulers of the desert. Over the course of the movie, the Atreides Empire moved into Arrakis, and began to manage a spice (Melange) trade crucial to the Fremens survival.

Rising Actor Timothée Chalamet is the Chosen One in New Space Epic Dune

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor and Sports Editor November 14, 2021

In the critically acclaimed movie Dune, fans (myself included) marveled over the young and talented Timothée Chalamet in his prominent role as Paul Atreides, the heir to a family of powerful intergalactic...

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Cinderella, this classic story has had many adaptations and modernized retellings. However none have seem to have gotten the backlash this story has gotten.

This remake bibbidi bobbidi butchered Cinderella

Carlos Nunez, staff writer September 23, 2021

Cinderella has had a variety of adaptations due to its popularity. On September 3rd, Amazon prime announced a jukebox musical retelling of the classic story, featuring popstar Camila Cabello as Cinderella...

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Halseys fourth studio album debuted at Number 1 on Billboards Top Album Sales. Shortly after, If I Cant topped Alternative charts for the first time since Badlands. Halsey released a limited edition cover for the If I Cant vinyl at Urban Outfitters. Photo used with permission from Instagram.

Halsey’s New Album is Her Biggest Statement Yet

Saahithya Gutta and Brantley Jenkins September 13, 2021

What happens when an alt-pop icon gets together with industrial metal legends Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross? Halsey answers this question in her latest album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, an explosive...

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Questions and Answers. In What if...? Marvel asks fans to imagine the lives of their favorite superheroes going in unexpectedly new directions. The fans saw their ideas in the show (sentence in past tense)

Marvel asks “What If…?” in their newest animated series

Kate Geiger, Columns Editor August 21, 2021

Have you thought about whether there might be an identical copy of you, living another version of your life? And if there was a universe identical to ours, what would you do in order to see it all? That’s...

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The cover of The Slow Rush. Depicting sands flooding into a house, the cover exemplifies how over the course of time, all things are lost to the sands of time.

Tame Impala releases new single and album

Brantley Jenkins, Columns Editor March 14, 2020
Australian psychedelic rock band, Tame Impala, have released a now single along with promises of a new album in February.
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Cover art for single. Nova Miller poses with her guitar in front of a pink background for her single Do It To Myself. The single helps to recognize toxic behavior.

Nova Miller’s new single “Do It To Myself” produces a realistic look on life

Brooke Eldridge, Opinions and Arts and Entertainment Editor February 10, 2020

A life-long music enthusiast and eighteen-year-old Swedish pop singer-songwriter, Nova Miller, began her career at a very young age. The former artist turned music executive, Lolene, discovered Miller...

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Man in Joker makeup. Posing in clown makeup for a shoot, the scene of the photo shows the darkness that surrounds the Joker character. Joker received great audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, with a percentage of 89%!

The Joker is a cinematic masterpiece

Brooke Eldridge, Opinions and Arts and Entertainment Editor December 18, 2019

A twist that made cinematic history to the iconic Joker character, Joaquin Phoenix portrayed the aberrant backstory on how the Joker got his name, his behavior, and his psychotic mind. Critics from Rotten...

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Reliqas watery world, Eventide. Australian quartet Reliqa is breaking into the metal scene. Released on November 9, 2018, Eventide is Reliqas first full length album.

Tides bring in Reliqa

Brantley Jenkins, Columns Editor December 11, 2019

A new name is emerging in the hard rock scene, and its name is Reliqa. The Australian metal quartet, led by extremely powerful vocals from Monique Pym, is creating a new world to call their own. They use...

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The Crüe returns

Brantley Jenkins, Columns Editor December 6, 2019
Mötley Crüe makes a surprise return to touring by blowing up their cessation of touring contract. They are back with a stadium tour of America starting in 2020.
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Spreading Christianty through music. Kayne West releases another album about faith and his development thoroughout the making of the album. The lyrics touched the hearts of many. Sophmore Ethan Barlag stated, The album reinforced my faith by conveying the message of Christ through a media that I enjoy, music.

Kanye West’s newest “JESUS IS KING” album provokes the holiness in all of us

Dione Geiling and Minakshi Shivananda November 22, 2019

Kanye West’s latest release, JESUS IS KING, hit stores and music streaming apps on October 25th, after many delays in the release date. West recently underwent a recommitment to Christianity, which in...

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