Naisha Roy

Pencils, markers, notebooks, and more! As students get back into their daily routine in the year, they begin to organize all their supplies. Throghout the year, students organizational skill’s are a major key to unlocking the door to success.

Settling into South – A guide for students, by students

High school is officially in full swing, and freshmen are learning that it is nothing like their previous experiences. Freedom is tenfold; we have more time in between our classes, more study time, and no teacher babysitting. But with great power also comes a great amount of confusion. In middle school, we’d get a supply list or at least, an exact amount of binders to bring–and a locker where we would store them. At South, students’ lockers are rarely used due to the distance between classes, and we choose our own method of organization. For some, this is a blessing in disguise; however, other people rely on the planned-out structure to organize themselves. Whether they put all of their papers in one folder or color-code every detail, this style guide will help every student find an organizational method that works for them.

Home Environment and Organization
Planning Tips
Binder Organization
Backpack Organization
How to work with your teacher

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