The outfit with a million words. Each model had something different to say about their style and how it matched their personality. All 4 models had one thing in common; they were incredibly unique.

Olivia Waletzke

Southside Vogue: OUR Uniforms

March 25, 2019

With a school as sprawling as South, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. We sit in colorless classrooms for hours on end, listening to teachers present. At school, there are limited windows for us to express ourselves.  This could drive us to feel more like just a body rather than a somebody. When we have no other outlet to show ourselves, we can always turn to what we wear. What we decide to put on every morning has the ability to show how creative we are, and our styles help define us. Whether it be the hoodie with the hole in it, or the Gucci belt wrapped tightly around the waist, the uniforms we choose for ourselves can tell our story.

I pick my fashion through admiring others.”

— Jace Allen


When it comes to fashion, freshman Jace Allen takes the idea of  “casual” to a whole new level.  Allen’s modern style consists of numerous high top Vans, silver chains around the neck, and 50 shades of denim. Allen’s look is sure to turn heads all around South. Allen says his inspirations range from John Mayer to his older brothers.

“It’s like genetics, but with clothes,” explains Allen. “I pick my fashion through admiring others. I’ll take bits and pieces from someone’s style, then go back and create my own from it.”



For Freshman Zazy Chensritong, the art of makeup comes easily to her. She plays with vivid colors and sharp wings, forming masterpieces on her face. Chensritong works behind the scenes of South’s greatest drama productions such as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and Beauty and the Beast. On show days, Chensritong says she will do makeup looks specific to the theme of the show. “Every time I meet someone new, the first thing they see about me is that I have loads of makeup on,” says Zazy. “But they also see how I can express my creativity through my face.”



“The most important thing to me when choosing an outfit is definitely comfortability and style,” says Toth.

Freshman Evie Toth finds the happy medium between simple and style when it comes to her wardrobe. Toth says that Tyler, The Creator is her biggest inspiration because “his outfits and his personality really inspired [her] to be [herself] and to not care what other people have to say.” Toth likes to keep her look simple with a white t-shirt and jeans, but when she adds a belt, the outfit packs a powerful punch. Her favorite is her Off-White belt of course.



The most important question to ask yourself while getting dressed is ‘How am I feeling today?’”

— Frank Powell

Senior Frank Powell’s personality is as extravagant as his style. Powell has been in many of South’s drama productions such as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, The Moors (a student directed play), and more. He describes his style as eccentric and odd.

“Music and movies greatly inspire my wardrobe,” says Powell. “I’ll dress differently every day depending on what music I’m listening to while I get ready. It grabs the attention of those who see it, and this all reflects back to who I am as a person.”

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