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Most binge-worthy shows to watch this season

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The Crown –

Summary: The show follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) as she rules over Great Britain from the 1950s to the present. It is based on the award-winning play “The Audience” by Peter Morgan. Elizabeth is forced to juggle between her love life and political rivalries. It’s received 10 awards and twice as many nominations.

Pros: You get a taste of life in Great Britain. There’s a wonderful cast, and the factual content may improve your grades in history class!

Cons: The episodes are about an hour long. There isn’t a lot of humor to take a break from the drama.

Star Rating: 4.5/5 stars

If you like this show watch….


Downton Abbey

The Handmaid’s Tale


Stranger Things –

Summary: Set in 1983, a group of kids try to find the mysteries behind a secret government laboratory and the disappearances around town with the help of a girl who has supernatural abilities (Millie Bobby Brown). Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) must find their friend Will (Noah Schnapp) before something gets to him first. It’s a sci-fi type of show. People often describe it as a mix between ET and The Goonies.

Pros: There are plenty of jump-scares to go around. The 80’s vibe is a nice setting, and there is lots of comic relief.

Cons: You might need a pal to watch it with.

Star Rating: 5/5 stars

Other Shows To Watch:

Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad

13 Reasons Why


GirlBoss –

Summary: Based on a true story, Sophia Amoruso (Britt Robertson), a fashion-savvy woman, starts her own business to sell vintage clothes. At the same time, she has to learn how to be her own boss, all the while trying to articulate her feelings for local drummer and friend Shane (Johnny Simmons).

Pros: The show came out in April, so it won’t take long to catch up. There is plenty of comic relief to get your through the episodes, and is filled with lovable characters.

Cons: The first couple episodes seem to go by slowly and don’t seem to have a purpose. If you stick through it, though, it becomes an enjoyable comedy.

Star Rating: 3/5 stars

Other Shows To Watch:



Friends From College


MindHunter –

Summary: FBI agents Bill Tench and Holden Ford have the interesting job of figuring out how a villain thinks and catching them. Along the way they develop modern serial-killer profiling. By trying to solve crimes with academics, these two empowering characters are fighting the stigma of being in the background. By theorizing deeper evaluations of motive and maniacs the show focuses on a new way to view criminals and humanizes them in a way that will scare you.

Pros: An interesting TV show that requires you to think while you watch.

Cons: Sometimes hard to follow because of multiple crimes investigated and plot twists

Star-rating: 3/5

Other Shows to watch: Ozark, The sinner, The Handmaid’s tale


Riverdale –

Summary: Based on a popular comic book series Riverdale is about Archie Andrews a red-head teenager who is your jock stereotype but with a twist, while being amazing at football he also has a passion for writing and singing his own original music. With the help of Jughead Jones, a struggling partly-homeless teen with a passion for writing, Betty Cooper a girl who just wants to show the town of Riverdale the truth, and Veronica Lodge a girl trying to escape her past they will begin to unravel the mystery behind the death of Jason Blossom.

Pros: A cast of very attractive actors, plot twists throughout the show, and catchy soundtrack that will make you want to sing along.

Cons: Some disturbing scenes showing death and violence. It may be hard to put the show down.

Star-rating: 4/5

Other shows to watch: 13 Reasons Why, Teen Wolf, and Pretty Little Liars.


Iron Fist –

Summary: When Danny Rand was 10-years old, he suffered from a life-changing plane crash. This crash killed his wealthy parents and any hope he had of inheriting their company and lives at work. However, years later, Danny returns home to New York to reconnect with his past and take back his rightful place at his father’s company. Now that he has the age, maturity, and training from the warrior monks who rescued him that one fateful night so long ago, he has the chance to take back what is rightfully his.

Pros: Has some amazing fight scenes

Cons: Has a very similar plot to that of Green Arrow

Star-rating: 2/5

Other shows to watch: Luke Cage, The Defenders, and Jessica Jones


Atypical –

Summary: Atypical follows the story of Sam, a struggling 18-year old on the autism spectrum, who has decided he is ready to start dating. While embarking on a journey to find love Sam starts to become more independent which sends his mother on a whole separate life changing journey. The whole family must change and explore the meaning of normality in this heartfelt comedy.

Pros: Light hearted comedy that will keep your laughing, deeper message that makes you really think about what it is like to live with Autism.

Cons: Certain events will make you question the characters judgement and some elements of the story line are repetitive.  

Star-rating: 4/5

Other shows to watch: Love, Glow, and Girlboss


New Girl –

Summary: An awkward and bubbly girl named Jess moves into a loft with Nick, Coach, and Schmidt after a bad breakup. The quirky group helps Jess get over her breakup while forming an odd and unlikely friendship.

Pros: The characters are hilariously weird and intriguing which makes the show interesting.

Cons: The show can be unrealistic at times.

Star Rating: 4.5/5

Other Shows To Watch:

Modern Family

How I Met Your Mother

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


The Office –

Summary: The Office is a five-time Emmy award winning mockumentary that is an adaptation of the British version of the show. It focuses on the unique, daily lives of employees at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the quirky boss that rules over them.

Pros: It’s a hilarious show with lovable characters.

Cons: Sometimes the character’s can get a little too cringey (aka Scott’s Tots).  

Star Rating: 5/5

Other Shows To Watch:

Parks and Recreation

Arrested Development

30 Rock


The Good Place –

Summary: A rude and selfish girl named Eleanor mistakenly ends up in the good place during her afterlife. She hides this from the architect of their neighborhood, Michael, and strives to become a good person in order to belong in the good place. She gets help along the way from her neighbors Tahani (Jameela Jamil), Jianyu (Manny Jacinto), and Chidi (William Jackson Harper).

Pros: It’s original and funny with well thought out characters.

Cons: Some feel that the show can be offensive to religious followers.

Star Rating: 4.5/5

Other Shows To Watch:  

Jane the Virgin

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


That 70’s Show –

Summary: Set in the 1970s, this show focuses on a group of teenagers living in the suburbs of Wisconsin and their struggles they face on their way to adulthood. The group consists of Eric (Topher Grace), Donna (Laura Prepon), Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Jackie (Mila Kunis), Hyde (Danny Masterson), and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama).

Pros: Gives you an idea of what it would’ve been like to be a teenager in the 70s.

Cons: The plot can drag on at times.

Star Rating: 4.5/5

Other Shows To Watch:

How I Met Your Mother

Family Guy

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Bright –

Summary: Set in an alternate world where humans and mythical creatures live together, a Los Angeles Police Department officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) must work with Orc Deputy Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) to get a magic wand back and prevent it from being used. While this is movie and not a tv show, it has been anticipated enough to mention. It will be released on Netflix on December 22.

Pros: It’s a movie, so there won’t be a whole season of hours to watch. It stars Will Smith.

Cons: It’s not a tv show, so the plot won’t be able to continue (unless Netflix comes out with a sequel).

Other Shows To Watch:

Once Upon A Time

The Originals



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